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Health Ministry to carry out more caranavirus tests

There will be no “blanket’ tests though.

Health Ministry to carry out more caranavirus tests
Viktor Lyashko

The Health Ministry predicts the number of coronavirus tests taken in Ukraine to increase as of next week. However, there will be no “blanket” tests while the increase will have to do with the growing number of suspected COVID-19 coronavirus cases, Deputy Health Minister and Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko has said at a briefing.

“We are expected the biggest delivery of tests for PCR diagnostics which will be distributed all over the state. And the next week the number of tests will significantly increase,” he said.

The authorities are not planning to check all people with symptoms of acute respiratory disease or those who returned from abroad.

Currently, tests can be taken in over 10 laboratories all over Ukraine.

Lyashko noted that nine out of 10 cases yesterday were identified in regional laboratories.

As of the evening of 19 March, there were 26 cases of COVID-19.

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