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Dnipropetrovsk Region announces emergency situation

A special staff has been set up to mobilise forces and civil defence means.

Dnipropetrovsk Region announces emergency situation

The Dnipropetrovsk regional commission for ecological safety and emergencies has decided to declare an emergency situation at its extraordinary session today.

“Dnipropetrovsk Region has declared an emergency situation to protect people from the coronavirus infection as much as possible. We are stepping up law-enforcement control measures. We will rigidly monitor the observance of quarantine measures which regional residents must follow in a disciplined manner,” the head of the regional state administration, Oleksandr Bondarenko, said.

The commission concluded that the epidemiological situation in the region constitutes a regional emergency situation of natural causes. A special staff has been set up to monitor the situation, predict a possible outbreak of the coronavirus infection and streamline measures to be taken in response.

There have been 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine, two of them in Dnipropetrovsk Region.

Earlier, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernivtsi regions declared an emergency situation.

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