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Ukrainian MP contracts coronavirus

He is in self-isolation.

Ukrainian MP contracts coronavirus
Oleh Shakhov
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Ukrainian MP Serhiy Shakhov has said he is most likely to have contracted coronavirus.

“I am isolated today, doing the disinfection, I have not had any contact with people. Temperature went down, I feel normal. I hope everything will be okay. I do not know why there was such a panic around this. Today I got a call from a clinic, they said that the coronavirus diagnosis is most likely confirmed,” the 44-year-old MP told TSN TV news.

He later said that he first had high temperature several days ago.

“It all started three days ago, my temperature was 38. As a normal citizen of Ukraine, I called doctors and took a flu test at first. There was a negative result,” he said. He received medical help from the private hospital Dobrobut.

“On the second day I called doctors to ask them to check my lungs and temperature. They gave me normal simple advice: drink more water, 50 g [of alcohol] is acceptable but I don’t drink. In this situation I did as my mother and grandmother used to treat me: raspberry, lemon. Today I already feel normal. Temperature went down,” Shakhov said.

He noted that he is in full isolation and does not let anyone get near him.

He did not visit parliament on 16-17 March.

There are 14 confirmed coronavirus cases in Ukraine.

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