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Russian troops continue to shell Kharkiv, killing eight people in a day.

Rescuers managed to save about 200 people.

Russian troops continue to shell Kharkiv, killing eight people in a day.

From March 6th to 7th, Russian troops resumed shelling and aerial bombardment of civil infrastructure and other facilities in Kharkiv and rural areas of the region, resulting in numerous destructions and fires. This was reported by the central department of the SES of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region.

At 7:15 p.m., another massive air bombardment of Kharkiv took place. Multi-storey apartment buildings, administrative buildings, medical facilities, educational institutions, and dormitories were entirely or partially destroyed. There were also large-scale fires in 21 buildings in the central part of the city, including:

- on the Karbysheva lane - 3 fires, two of which in 15- and 4-storey residential buildings;

- on Himnaziyna promenade - fire in Kharkiv music college;

- on Moscow Avenue - 10 fires, seven of which are in multi-storey apartment buildings and student dormitories; one fire is in a medical institution;

- on Maidan of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred - seven fires, four of which are in apartment buildings.

Also, the shelling entirely or partially destroyed 11 buildings on Hirshmana, Chernyshevskyy, Alchevskyy, Myronosytska streets. 

In total, rescuers made more than 60 trips to extinguish fires and clear away the rubble of destroyed buildings. More than 50 units of fire and rescue equipment and about 300 SES personnel were involved.

Rescuers rescued and evacuated about 200 people during firefighting and removing the rubble. Firefighters also found the bodies of 8 people under the rubble. The final information on the dead and injured is currently being clarified.

Explosive ordnance safety units of the State Emergency Service (SES) also continued to work, disposing of unexploded ammunition.

From 23:00 on 6 March, the regional defence headquarters recorded shelling on residential buildings in Oleksiyivka, Pivnichna Saltivka, Pyatihatki and in the district of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant. The shelling also affected Barabashovo and 1st-kilometre markets.

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