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The SSU searched political scientist Pohrebynskyy but didn’t detain him

They conducted an investigation.

The SSU searched political scientist Pohrebynskyy but didn’t detain him
Photo: Screenshot: THE FIRST COSSACK NEW / YouTube

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a pro-Russian political scientist Mykhailo Pohrebynskyy, who often spoke on Russian propaganda channels. They had previously searched him.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko and journalist Andriy Tsaplienko announced this.

Update. Law enforcement officers searched Viktor Medvedchuk’s close friend, a political scientist Mykhailo Pohrebynskyy, but did not detain him.

Ukrainian Pravda writes about this, citing an informed source and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Iryna Venediktova.

"On 26 March, there were searches at the home and office of the campaign manager. Detention under Article 208 of the Criminal Code was not carried out yesterday,” the statement said.

"We conducted investigative actions, including searches. But we didn't detain me,” Venediktova said. 

The businessman Siyar Kurshutov said that during the searches in Pohrebinskyy's flat, the SSU had found falsified polls stating that 46% of Ukrainians supported Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The political scientist is associated with the oligarch Medvedchuk, who maintained friendly relations. Pohrebinskyy is suspected of treason and illicit enrichment.

The Lychakiv district court of Lviv in absentia appointed detention of one of the leaders of "OPZZh" Victor Medvedchuk, who disappeared after the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

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