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War unleashed by russia damages $ 103.9 billion in Ukraine's infrastructure - KSE reports

At least 44.8 million square meters of housing are destroyed or seized. 

War unleashed by russia damages $ 103.9 billion in Ukraine's infrastructure - KSE reports
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As of June 8, the total adjusted amount of direct damage to Ukraine’s economy from damage and destruction of residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure is $103.9 bln, or UAH 3 trillion.

This is stated in the report of the KSE Institute (Kyiv School of Economics).

It is noted that in the last week, the damage to enterprises, educational and healthcare institutions, kindergartens, administrative buildings, and warehousing infrastructure has increased. 

«Damage caused to the destruction and damage to Ukrainian enterprises has already reached $11.5 bln, educational institutions — $1.6 bln, medical institutions — $1.1 bln, and kindergartens — $576 mln», the report said.

It is also reported that since the beginning of russia’s war against Ukraine, at least 44.8 million square meters of housing, 256 enterprises, 656 medical institutions, 1,177 educational institutions, 668 kindergartens, 198 warehouses, 20 shopping centers and 28 oil depots have been damaged, destroyed or seized. 

In addition, Ukrainians lost almost 105,000 private cars, the total amount of such damage is $968 mln.

At least 141 religious and 203 cultural buildings have already been destroyed. KSE estimates that direct damage caused to churches, laurels, and cathedrals is $81mln, as well as damage to cultural property, is $272 mln.

As estimated by the Ministry of Economy and KSE, overall Ukraine’s economic losses due to the war, taking into account both direct losses and indirect losses range from $564 billion to $600 billion. 

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal stated that the government will speed up the recording of damages to destroyed property and the development of a single document for their compensation.

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