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Russia fires Iskander missiles on Odesa region, hits quarry

Odesa District has come under fire.

Russia fires Iskander missiles on Odesa region, hits quarry
Photo: South Defence Forces coordination press centre

Russia launched a missile strike on Odesa Region, the district military administration has said.

A quarry in one of the communities in Odesa District came under fire.

The district authorities also urged residents to take shelter and not to ignore the alarms.

The Operational Command South later reported that the enemies fired two Iskander-type missiles from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"As a result of the bursting of rockets in the air, so-called heat traps got scattered across the territory of Odesa District. They resemble an unexploded shell or are shaped like a dart with an orange tail. This is quite a dangerous thing because it has a high burning temperature and can cause large-scale burns," the command said.

According to the military, several of these traps have caused dry grass to catch fire. Rescuers are working at the site.

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