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Ukraine to be capable of transporting through pipeline to Gdansk up to 2 million tons of oil annually

The pipeline will be 600 kilometers long.

Ukraine to be capable of transporting through pipeline to Gdansk up to 2 million tons of oil annually
Photo: Mykola Solskyy

Ukraine will be able to transport up to 2 million tons of oil per year by pipeline to Gdansk.

This is provided for by the recently signed memorandum with Poland on the implementation of this project, said the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solskyy.

He stressed that Ukraine needs to create alternative powerful logistics export routes. Since we process a lot of oilseeds, the pipeline is one of those options.

“We’ve been dealing with this issue for several months - we carried out an examination, consulted with business. The Polish side took this proposal positively. Construction will take less time than the approval of all documents. The pipeline will have several hundred kilometers, and along this distance, the interests of many communities and people must be taken into account. We are more concerned about this than the construction itself,” Solsky said.

According to him, the technical characteristics are very preliminary: the length is 600 km, and the capacity is up to 2 million tons of oil per year. The pipeline should run from Yagodyn District (Volyn Region) to Gdansk.

The Minister told how the issue of long queues of trucks on the Polish-Ukrainian border is being resolved.

“We need to do certain things: to distribute the types of exported goods, to carry out a constant, daily exchange of information with the Poles so that they can organize their work. It is also important to defy one or two border crossings, or allocate separate lanes for them so that empty trucks can pass in both directions. I think this will be resolved soon,” the minister said.

The implementation of the memorandum will contribute to the partial unblocking of Ukrainian exports and increase food security in developing countries that are at risk of famine. Therefore, this should reduce migration pressure on Europe.

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