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Ukraine to request about $ 1.3bn in emergency financing from IMF - NBU

Ukraine to request about $ 1.3bn in emergency financing from IMF - NBU
Photo: EPA/UPG

On 30 September 2022, the IMF's Executive Board approved a new window under its emergency financing instruments, which will allow Ukraine to request a new disbursement under Rapid Financing Instrument, the National Bank of Ukraine has said.

The Fund's new financing window - the so-called food shock window - will provide additional access to emergency financing to countries that have urgent balance of payments needs arising from the food crisis around the world.

Ukraine is planning to make use of this new window and will request about $1.3 billion in additional aid from the IMF.

"Under this facility, Ukraine will request about $1.3 billion in emergency financing from the IMF. Pending, the IMF’s Executive Board approval, these funds could arrive as soon as October.

We are grateful to the IMF for the assistance. We appreciate this support and the Fund’s rapid response in early March, when it allocated $1.4 billion in additional funding.

We also hope that work on a new full-fledged IMF program for Ukraine starts as soon as possible. We are ready to implement such a program, even in the face of uncertainty as the war grinds on," NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko emphasized.

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