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Ukraine brings home 108 female soldiers in prisoner exchange

Among them are women who were taken captive by separatists before February 2022.

Ukraine brings home 108 female soldiers in prisoner exchange
Photo: Facebook/Andriy Yermak

Today Ukraine has conducted another large-scale exchange of prisoners, having recovered 108 women from Russian captivity, presidential office head Andriy Yermak has said on social media.

According to him, 37 evacuees are from Azovstal, 11 are officers, 85 are privates and sergeants.

"Of these, 35 are female defenders from the Armed Forces, 32 from the Navy, 12 from the Territorial Defence Forces, eight from the National Guard, including two from Azov, five from the State Special Transport Service, four from the State Border Service and 12 civilians. Among the released were girls illegally imprisoned in ORDLO, who were captured before the large-scale invasion," Yermak noted.

He added that people were captured for transporting humanitarian aid for orphans. They were also accused of "espionage" and "terrorism".

"It was a nervous exchange. Too many details and moments that could influence the process, change its course. There are always many risks in exchanges that must be calculated from the moment of preparation and during the process itself," Yermak said.

He noted that the liberated persons will undergo medical examination and rehabilitation.

The coordination headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war reported that the oldest of the released prisoners is 62 years old, the youngest is 21 years old. Among the released women 37 were evacuated from Azovstal earlier. Women defenders, who were awarded with state awards, are also returning home.

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