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Russia intensifies long-range strikes on Ukraine to largely damage energy distribution network - UK MoD

Russia has chosen to target civilian infrastructure in addition to the military one because of its failures on the battlefield.

Since 10 October, Russia has maintained an increased tempo of long-range strikes against targets in Ukraine. The attacks were conducted with cruise missiles, air defence missiles and Iranian Shahed-136, an intelligence report released by the UK Ministry of Defence on Twitter states.

Probably, the key objective of this campaign is to cause large-scale damage to the energy distribution network in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence suggests that Russia chose to target civilian infrastructure in addition to military targets because it has had setbacks on the battlefield since August.

On 10 October, Kyiv also came under enemy attack. In addition to infrastructure facilities, the Russians struck the city centre that day, right on the road.

A week later, on 17 October, the occupiers struck at Kyiv's energy facilities. The attacks were repeated on 18 October. Not only Kyiv but also Dnipro and Zhytomyr were attacked.

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