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Most districts in Rivne lose power supply due to emergency

Residents are asked to cut consumption to the minimum.

Most districts in Rivne lose power supply due to emergency
Photo: EPA/UPG

Today, part of the city of Rivne was left without electricity due to an emergency at a substation, mayor Oleksandr Tretyak has said on Telegram.

"Due to an emergency situation at one of the substations in the city, unfortunately, most of Rivne was left without electricity. Compliance with the schedules of disconnections and connections is currently in question," he said.

Power engineers are working to solve the problem.

Residents are asked to treat the inconvenience with understanding and reduce electricity consumption as much as possible.

The head of the Rivne regional military administration, Vitaliy Koval, said on Telegram that the emergency shutdown led to the de-energization of the Yuvileynyy microdistrict and made it impossible to restore power supply on time in the Pivnichnyy microdistrict.

In the evening, another outage is expected in Rivne due to the repair of the substation. According to Rivneoblenerho, the estimated time is from 18:00 to 20:00. This will make it impossible to supply electricity to most areas of the city and nearby settlements.

"Let me remind you that power outages are a consequence of the destruction of the energy infrastructure of Rivne Region. After the strikes, there is a shortage of power in the region due to a decrease in the capacity of networks that cannot carry the load," Koval said.

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