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Poroshenko: Russian church leader must share dock with Putin

Believers must understand that relations with the Russian church are toxic, the ex-president says.

Poroshenko: Russian church leader must share dock with Putin
Photo: European Solidarity press service

Russian Orthodox Church leader Kirill's place is in the dock next to Putin, European Solidarity leader and ex-President Petro Poroshenko has said on the air of Pryamyy TV. He also recalled that the activities of Russian agents through the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine were aimed at destroying our state from within, and there should be punishment for this.

Poroshenko also noted that it is now necessary to ensure the implementation of the law on renaming churches, which is currently blocked in the Constitutional Court. He suggested that believers should understand that relations with the church of the aggressor state are toxic.

"This is our second front, the struggle for our identity, for our future. And it is no less important. Because Putin's goal was to undermine the country from within, to destabilize and undermine our unity. The tool that Putin used was the 'fifth column' inside the country. Both in the political sphere, and, of course, the activities of churchmen," Poroshenko said.

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