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Special Operations Forces commander visits Bakhmut

"The situation in Bakhmut is difficult."

Special Operations Forces commander visits Bakhmut
Photo: SOF

The commander of the Special Operations Forces, Brig Gen Viktor Khorenko, has visited Bakhmut. He said that the situation in the city is difficult, but the work of the Special Forces proves the superiority of quality over quantity.

"Indeed, the situation in Bakhmut is difficult, but there is no-one than you to know better what to do and how to act in the current circumstances. Your work here once again proves that the SOF is primarily about quality over quantity," he told the soldiers.

The Special Forces' performance in defending Bakhmut has been repeatedly commended.

Despite the numerical superiority of the Russians and massive attacks aimed at destroying city blocks, the SOF operators strike the enemy in key areas, destroy its personnel and perform other tasks, hindering the advance of Russian troops.

Earlier, Col-Gen Oleksandr Syrskyy, commander of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that Russian propaganda presents the battle for Bakhmut as the second "Battle of Stalingrad", as after a series of defeats in the north and south of Ukraine, the Russian leadership needs to demonstrate at least the slightest success in the occupation of Donbas.

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