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Breathe new life into an old building on Reitarska Street

The NEST development company announced an ambitious plan to reconstruct the building of the Kyiv Zemstvo Council on Reitarska Street. Since the location has a protected status, the developer intends to approach the project carefully and with maximum preservation of the authentic appearance of the building.

According to the plan of the designers, an ultra-modern REITER HALL business centre will appear here, in which, nevertheless, the architectural style and the atmosphere of the architectural site, which is of great importance for the capital, will be preserved.

Moreover, the company assures, it will be a unique segment of real estate in the capital of Ukraine. Its originality lies in the fact that the efforts of domestic and European architects will be able to combine the historical uniqueness and originality of modern buildings. The company is aware that buildings that have the status of a unique historical monument need a special approach because the harmonious integration of new projects into the historical environment of the city is one of the company's priorities.

In order to obtain permission from a number of institutions, it is necessary to submit for their consideration not just a detailed plan for the reconstruction of the object, but a competent justification of the architectural idea. The NEST company is not used to this. For its 25-year history of existence, it has a successful experience of planning and construction in the historical part of Kyiv.

It is worth mentioning the implemented projects in the center of Kyiv - on Instytutska, Mykhailivska, Bulvarno-Kudryavska streets. And this is more than half a million square meters of residential and commercial real estate. The prestigious residential complex "Pokrovskyi Posad", business centers HILLFORT Business Mansion and Renaissance - they have the "autograph" of the NEST company.

The project of the new REITER HALL business center promises to become not only another visiting card of the company, but also a decoration of the capital. As they say in NEST, it is a kind of magnet capable of attracting not only the people of Kyiv, but also guests of the capital, primarily the business community from all over the world.

The opening of modern business center is scheduled for 2025. The company has a lot to do in two years. The first and main task is to restore the historical building of the Kyiv Zemstvo Council. All the permits required to start restoration work are collected in a voluminous folder. Permits for the start of restoration work were granted by the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the Kyiv City State Administration.

The list of documents will also include the result of an international independent examination - the LEED certificate, which the building will receive after construction. It testifies to the ecological materials and modernity of the technologies used by the NEST developer.

The company was especially meticulous about the idea of reconstruction of the historical monument of ancient Kyiv. After all, it is necessary not only to preserve the architectural monument of national importance, but also to breathe life into its walls, return it to the city and organically integrate it into the urban space. There are few such project in the capital.

To restore the structure, the latest technologies and modern building materials will be used. At the same time, as the company notes, the building will remain in its original form, although it will be modernized. In any case, the authors of the idea assure that the "genetics" will be preserved as much as possible. And the term of the second life of the monument will be extended for at least a century.

In its project, the NEST relies on experience and the best European practices - for the reconstruction of the building on Reitarska, in addition to the famous Ukrainian architect Andrii Pashenko, one of the leading architectural bureaus of Sweden was involved, whose creative ideas are successfully implemented all over the world.

"Innovative solutions, a delicate approach to the cultural and physical context of the metropolis, feasibility and aesthetics of the project - these are the criteria the company follows", says its head, Emil Solovyov. - This is, in fact, our original style, which NEST has developed over twenty-five years of work on the market".

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