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Russian attack on Kherson Region injures 17, kills three

Russian attack on Kherson Region injures 17, kills three

As a result of Russian shelling of Kherson Region, 17 people were wounded and three were killed. Among the wounded are volunteers and a teenage girl. 

Since this morning, the Russian army has not stopped shelling Kherson Region. The intensity of the shelling is due to the rotation of Russian troops on the Dnipro’s left (eastern) bank, the head of the Kherson regional military administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, has said on Telegram.

"The youngest victim is only 16 years old. The girl was taken to hospital in serious condition," he noted.

He added that one of the killed and six injured were employees of a utility company, five more were volunteers. They came under Russian fire when they were helping Kherson residents to eliminate the consequences of shelling and flooding.

"Such intensity of shelling is connected with the rotation of enemy troops on the left bank. Russia has replenished its forces, which had previously been defeated by our Armed Forces," Prokudin said.

He asked residents of Kherson to be as cautious as possible in the next few days.

As reported earlier, this morning Russians attacked the centre of Kherson, killing a utility company employee and injuring four of his colleagues.

Around 11:00, Russian troops shelled the residential neighbourhood of Korabel in Kherson. A 65-year-old man who was driving a car along one of the streets at the time of the shelling sustained multiple deadly shrapnel wounds. Another man was wounded.

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