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HACC collects 56m bail from MP Dubnevych, transfers it to Armed Forces

At the hearing, the MP refused to disclose his whereabouts to the court via video link. 

HACC collects 56m bail from MP Dubnevych, transfers it to Armed Forces
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The High Anti-Corruption Court has ordered MP Yaroslav Dubnevych to pay 56 million hryvnyas in bail, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre reports

The money was paid for the MP by two lawyers who acted as bail bondsmen (26m hryvnyas and 30m hryvnyas, respectively).

In addition, the judges partially granted the motion of the MP's defence counsel to change the preventive measure and transferred all the recovered funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

HACC judges granted the defence's motion and reduced Dubnevych's bail from 86 million to 56 million. The difference - 30 million hryvnyas - was also transferred to the Armed Forces at the request of the bailor, the MP's ex-wife.

Accordingly, all 86 million hryvnyas of the bail paid for the MP will be spent on the army.

The judges also upheld the monetary penalty imposed on Dubnevych for failing to appear in court. He will have to pay another 5,368 hryvnyas. In addition, the HACC denied the prosecutor's request to keep the suspect in custody in absentia.

Dubnevych did not attend the court hearing, but joined it via video link and once again refused to inform the court of his whereabouts. Dubnevych explained this by saying that "people in leadership positions are trying to get rid of him".

Last week, the High Anti-Corruption Court arrested Yaroslav Dubnevych in absentia. He is suspected of embezzling 2.1 billion hryvnyas worth of gas. On 10 October, the NABU and the SAPO notified the MP of suspicion of organising the seizure of state property.

Earlier this month, the HACC put Dubnevych on the international wanted list because he left Ukraine. His lawyers insist that he continues to receive treatment, but do not say where. 

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