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ATO update: Separatists breach cease-fire over 100 times

The antiterrorist operation (ATO) forces ATO repelled an attack near Novotroyitske.

ATO update: Separatists breach cease-fire over 100 times

The situation in the ATO area in Donbas continues to deteriorate as separatist militants are getting active both during the day and night.

Over the past 24 hours the terrorists have broken the cease-fire 104 times. In the direction of Zaytseve, Opytne, the Butivka mine, Leninske, Stanytsya Luhanska, Novotroyitske and Avdiyivka they made 21 shots from mortars of different calibres, the press centre of the ATO reported on its Facebook page. The so-called industrial zone of Avdiyivka saw 30 attacks.

In the direction of Luhanske and Novotroyitske, the separatists used weapons installed on infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, large-calibre machine guns and small arms. Outside Bohdanivka, they fired cannon artillery.

From Dokuchaivsk, the ATO forces in Novotroyitke were shelled by 120-mm mortars, small arms and weapons installed on infantry fighting vehicles. The terrorists also tried to storm an outpost of Ukrainian military, but received an adequate response and retreated.

On 16 occasions, the Ukrainian military was forced to open return fire.

Yesterday, one Ukrainian soldier was killed and one wounded.

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