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Foreign minister guarantees free development of national minority languages

Pavlo Klimkin noted problems with the Ukrainian language in Transcarpathian Region.

Foreign minister guarantees free development of national minority languages
Photo: Photo: EPA / UPG

Ukraine will further develop the languages of minorities living in it, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said.

"Ukraine will continue to do everything for the development of Ukrainian and guarantee the free development of the languages of national minorities. This is our duty," he tweeted on Monday, 11 September.

"This week, the Education Ministry will provide detailed information on the Law of Ukraine 'On Education' and its enforcement in practice," Klimkin said, urging a less emotional perception of the novelty.

"There are problems with integration: 75 per cent of graduates in Berehove District [in Transcarpathian Region] failed to pass the Ukrainian language test. The situation needs improvement without losing the quality of education in Hungarian," he concluded.

Hungary, Romania and Moldova have expressed concern about the new Ukrainian law on education. Poland called on Ukraine to hold consultations on its use in schools.

The amended law on education provides that children who go to school next year will study in their native language only in elementary school, during the first four years.

Starting from the fifth form, all subjects should be taught in Ukrainian.

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