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NABU: probed MP attempted to flee with materials important for "amber case"

Detectives seized Rozenblat's mobile phones, banking cards, diplomatic and foreign passports.

NABU: probed MP attempted to flee with materials important for "amber case"
Photo: Photo: Serhiy Nuzhnenko

National Anti-Corruption Bureau says that the Verkhovna Rada deputy Boryslav Rozenblat 19 October was removed from the plane because he was trying to take out materials that are important for the investigation of the "amber case."

The probed deputy was searched in the airplane and brought to court. Formally, he was not arrested, NABU said in a comment after yesterday's incident at the Kyiv Airport.

"The detectives believe that the suspect was planning to spirit from the territory of Ukraine means of communication that may contain information about past crimes and communication between partners in crime, valuables and money that may be have been illegally earned, as well as other assets in order to prevent his arrest in criminal proceedings," NABU statement reads.

The investigators during the search seized Rozenblat's mobile phones, jewelry (or items similar to jewelry), payment cards of foreign banks, a banking cards, a diplomatic and civil foreign passports.

NABU stressed that Rozenblat used diplomatic passport despite flying on a private trip. Rosenblatt has received diplomatic passports allegedly for a working visit on October 18–22 to "explore opportunities for cooperation between Ukraine and the Israeli Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Manufacturers of Israel" but changed his mind and used diplomatic passport for a private trip to Cologne.

NABU said they received Rozenblat's letter about his trip after the flight to Cologne had to take off. Rozenblat is suspected of taking bribes and abuse of influence.

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