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President announced 2018 legal awareness year

Ukrainians will taught to defend own rights.

President announced 2018 legal awareness year
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President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday, 14 November, signed a decree declaring 2018 the Year of Implementation of Legal Education Project in Ukraine.

The project will facilitate the formation of the legal culture and conscience in the society, increase the awareness of Ukrainians about the mechanisms of protection of human rights.

The initiative of the president and the government has been considered in the meeting of the National Council of Reforms.

During the discussion, Poroshenko said: “It will be not just free legal aid in courts. It is also free legal consultations available for the most vulnerable population”.

“I am convinced that this program will increase the level of protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, inter alia, from the legal point of view,” the president emphasized.

The document provides that local self-government bodies should facilitate the implementation of this project by carrying out awareness campaigns. Regional TV channels, in particular, should develop programs aimed at raising legal culture and legal awareness of Ukrainians.

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