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PoweredTemplate airs Japanese-language version Company News

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PoweredTemplate airs Japanese-language version

PoweredTemplate, a digital media library of versatile templates and clipart, is adding fresh features to its functionality. From now on, handy archives can be searched and operated also in Japanese due to the launch of this new language version.

It is hard to imagine our life without presentations and pictorial materials today. What used to be a domain of visual art specialists, has turned into the ropes to be learnt by practically everybody. From shows and meetings to school projects and family events: those PowerPoints, slides and icons have branched out across the board, giving a perfect opportunity to feed the information in the most impressive and tangible way ever. Among the numerous perks this circumstance is bringing to the agenda, perhaps, there is the only disadvantage to mention, and that is time expenditure. 

Life has become dynamic and demanding, and finding those extra “me minutes” can be troublesome, whether it is work, studies or our personal lives in the limelight. Taking shortcuts is sometimes an indispensable and priceless trick, facilitating the tasks to be accomplished. PoweredTemplate has chosen timesaving to be its mission, assisting users from around the world with their presentational needs.

Saving time without ever cutting a corner – that is exactly what PoweredTemplate is empowering global users to do. We value perfection, that’s why every template, clipart and pattern in the library is a product of highly professional contributors, creating products to satisfy needs in the following categories:

  • business and finance templates;
  • data-driven diagrams and charts;
  • education and training;
  • flow, graph, pie, process, matrix charts;
  • tree and puzzle diagrams;
  • infographics;
  • icons;
  • field-specific medical charts;
  • organizational charts;
  • tables and text boxes;
  • shapes and silhouettes;
  • timelines and calendars.

Templates are well-thought and easy-to-use, so now it is possible to concentrate solely on the message which should be clearly stated, with just minutes to be taken for organizational and planning purposes. Tasks which used to take hours of time can now be put together in just 10 or 15 minutes.

Speakers of Japanese are welcome to benefit from convenient search options, providing a chance to search in the library of over 50,000 exquisite templates for presentations, maps, Google slides themes, cover pages for Word documents, advertising templates, posters, newsletters, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, letterheads and other types of products, which are categorized into the following subject groups:

Abstract & Textures PowerPoint Templates

• Health and Recreation

• Animals and Pets

• Education & Training

• Agriculture

• Art & Entertainment

• Animated templates

• Computers

• Consulting & Services

• Business and Financial

• Industries

• Careers and Industry International affairs

• Holiday and Special Occasions

• 3D and many others

Digital library is well suited for the needs of both skilled professionals and students, providing plenty of opportunities for every set of ideas and budget. Affordable plans and flexible tariffs make it easy to pay and download. Special membership programs are available depending on the number of templates required, with each subject category being full of free-of-charge options.

We know how important it is to illustrate the word today, making ideas even more eloquent and apparent. We are passionate about the work we do and proud to introduce Japanese language version for the convenience of users.

PoweredTemplate is a leading royalty-free digital media library offering a broad variety of professional templates for business, finance sector, education, commercial and creative needs of every person. With 50 team members across the globe, we happily work to provide the best service and guarantee of high-quality service to users in 183 countries.

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