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Third of Ukrainians would like to emigrate – poll

Over 6% of the population are already taking relevant steps.

Third of Ukrainians would like to emigrate – poll

One in three Ukrainians would like to move to another country, 6.3% are already making steps in this regard and 10.8% are prepared to do so in principle but have not done anything for this yet, has reported, quoting a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS). Some 20% more are not ready to emigrate.

On the other hand, 56.9% of Ukrainians are not prepared to leave under any conditions while 63.6% did not even think about this.

Out of the total number of respondents, 45.2% are ready to move abroad to earn more, 31.6% want to live in more comfortable conditions and 9.4% cannot fulfil their professional potential in Ukraine.

KIIS carried out the survey at the request of in 110 population centres in all regions of Ukraine, except Crimea and rebel-held areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, from 21 November to 15 December 2017. The first stage took place from 1 to 14 December 2017. The pollster collected and processed 2,039 filled question forms.

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