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Civilian killed during shelling of Maryinka

Militants opened targeted fire on the town.

Civilian killed during shelling of Maryinka

One civilian was killed during the shelling of Maryinka in Donetsk Region by pro-Russian militants, the chairman of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration, Pavlo Zhebrivskyy, has said on Facebook.

He said, quoting the chairman of the Maryinka district administration, Volodymyr Moroz, that the 36-year-old man walked out into the backyard of his house on the outskirts of Maryinka when militants were targeting the town with small arms.

One of the bullets hit him on the spot. Ambulance doctors pronounced him dead. They failed to recover the body because the militants stepped up the shooting, prompting the medics to retreat.

According to Moroz, the attack at the town continues.

Four local civilians were killed and six wounded as a result of combat actions in Donbas last week.

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