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National Expert Forum panel 2 "Reform Process in Ukraine: Institutionalisation" (LIVE)

The event is organized by Gorshenin Institute in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Ukraine & Belarus, East Europe Foundation. is broadcasting live discussion panel #2 "Reform Process in Ukraine: Institutionalisation" of the 9thNational Expert Forum.

Points for discussion:

- Reform process: achievements, challenges, new horizons. Has the reform become irreversible?

- Institutions vs personalities. Does Ukraine enjoy a due level of institutional development?

- Priorities in reforming the state: refurbishing facades or a quality transformation? Institutionalisation as an inherent criterion of a quality reform.

- Parliament reform as a critical element in the process of transforming the whole country.

- Do the existing fundamentals of the legislative process in Ukraine meet today’s challenges and needs of a dynamically developing country in the global world?

- Can Ukraine hope for a modern parliament of a new quality?

- Will the reform of the energy sector ensure efficiency and transparency of the industry and integration with European energy systems?

The speakers are Finance Minister Oleksandr DANYLYUK, the chairman of the Odesa regional state administration, Maksym STEPANOV, commercial director at DTEK Energy Vitaliy BUTENKO, the chairman of the Council of the Independent Bank Association of Ukraine, Roman Shpek; Ihor KOHUT, director of USAID RADA, founder of the Ukrainian School for Political Studies, political expert; and Georg ZACHMANN, Senior Fellow at Bruegel, member of the German Advisory Group in Ukraine.

The discussion is moderated by Ivan MIKLOS, head of the Strategic Advisory Group for Support Ukrainian Reforms, Chief Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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