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Joint Forces HQ asks Lysychansk residents to stay indoors

A special operation is planned.

Joint Forces HQ asks Lysychansk residents to stay indoors
Lysychansk train station

Residents of Lysychansk in Luhansk have been asked to stay indoors because of a special operation, the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) HQ press centre has said on Facebook.

"Because of preventive measures to counteract terrorist and sabotage threats in the town of Lysychansk on 31 July and 1 August 2018, the Joint Forces Command is calling on city residents not to leave their homes without need, observe personal safety rules and those on handling of suspicious objects, explosives and so on. If you need to move to other parts of the city, to avoid any misunderstandings, please carry identification documents (passport, driver's license, school car and so on," it said.

The operation will be carried out in line with the law in effect and was authorised by JFO chief Lt-Gen Serhiy Nayev.

The situation with antiterrorist threats is under control, the JFO HQ said.

Residents should report anything suspicious to the local police or the Security Service of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army recaptured Lysychansk in July 2014. During the retreat, the separatist Prizrak (Ghost) battalion blew up the bridge which connected the city to Severodonetsk.

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