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Ukrainian ships prepare to cross Kerch Strait - minister

Ukraine is consultations with international partners.

Ukrainian ships prepare to cross Kerch Strait - minister
Pavlo Klimkin

Ukraine is planning to send ships through the Kerch Strait, therefore a number of measures are being taken and consultations are underway.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the Navy may manage to “surprise Russia”.

He said in an interview with that it is unlikely that foreign observers will be directly onboard the ships but there will certainly be international monitoring. In particular, negotiations on a monitoring mission with Germany and France are underway.

“Now we are looking at monitoring opportunities from the sea, air and, possibly, from space,” he added.

The second important factor for the successful passage of ships to the Sea of Azov, he said, is the presence of “our friends’” naval ships, joint work of our crews,” he said.

Russian attacked Ukrainian ships off the Kerch Strait when they were making a planned passage from Odesa to Mariupol. It shot at the ships and later captured them and their crews.

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