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Reputable German dictionary changes Kiew to Kyjiw

Previously, it used the Russian transliteration.

The most reputable German dictionary Duden has changed the way it spells the name of the Ukrainian capital from Kiew to Kyjiw to reflect its Ukrainian transliteration, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said.

Earlier, Duden used the Russian transliteration.

“Previously, unfortunately, this dictionary had the name of the Ukrainian capital in Russian transliteration only. So now we have every reason to launch a full-scale campaign #KyjiwKeinKiev in German-speaking countries. Language is a permanently developing category, we should jump at the occasion,” he said on Facebook.

Duden’s decision comes on the heels of The Guardian’s decision to switch from Kiev to Kyiv, following #KyivNotKiev campaign by regular Ukrainians and officials.

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