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Sadovyy pulls out of presidential run to help Hrytsenko

The Lviv mayor acknowledged that he stood no chance of winning the election.

Sadovyy pulls out of presidential run to help Hrytsenko
Andriy Sadovyy
Photo: Markiyan Lyseyko

Lviv mayor and presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyy has decided to withdraw from the election run in favour of Civic Position party leader Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

"We have a chance to elect a Ukrainian anticorruption president. Therefore I am recalling my candidacy in the presidential election and declaring support for Anatoliy Hrytsenko in the presidential election. Early next week, we will sign an agreement," Sadovyy said.

In his words, a public agreement will outline their position on the army, security, and policy with regard to the occupied territories and other important issues.

According to Sadovyy, his Self-Help party must become a foundation for unification of democratic parties ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections and the 2020 local elections.

"Democratic forces must win together in the parliamentary and local elections," he said.

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