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Ghana to teach children IT starting from kindergartens

According to a new curriculum, children in Ghana will study programming and databases.

Ghana to teach children IT starting from kindergartens

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education has developed a new curriculum for teaching and learning ICT subject at the basic school level across the country effective from 2019/2020 academic year, the Modern Ghana website has reported.

According to the new curriculum, the standards are organised at the KG1 – B6 phase under seven strands: Introduction to computing, Presentation, Word processing, Desktop Publishing, Programming and databases, Internet and social media, Health and safety in using ICT tools.

Developing the basics provides students with the computer skills they will need for any career they choose in the future.

It should be emphasised that experts in different countries have often discussed the advantages of introducing programming into the school curriculum, first of all, in countries currently leading in the technology development race, as well as modernising the existing educational systems. Studying programming in schools has been not just a global trend for more than one year, but a global need to prepare the modern generation of children for an innovative future.

By the way, Ukraine is also following the trend. At the moment, the working methodical group of Kyiv's Gymnasium A+ is engaged in developing the curriculum for teaching programming to schoolchildren with the support of the EVEREST group of companies.

"We are only at the beginning of the path and are aware of the difficulties we are going to face. They are not a global problem, it is only a matter of time and effort. Today, there are already tried and internationally tested methods which, with proper adaptation, will allow Ukrainian students to get high-quality content and, accordingly, all the necessary programming skills, starting from elementary grades. Thus, we will significantly increase the future competitiveness of our children and they will be in a much higher demand on the labor market regardless of the occupation they choose," Yuriy Chubatyuk, president of the EVEREST group of companies, said.

Early programming is already taught in schools in China, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Israel, India, South Korea, as well as in most of the EU member states.

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