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Experts to present 12 priority reforms for Ukraine

Gorshenin Institute will host the presentation.

Experts to present 12 priority reforms for Ukraine

Experts will meet at the press centre of Gorshenin Institute on 25 April to present an initiative of the reforming forces in civil society and the draft 12 Principles of Priority Reforms in Ukraine. In coordination with Reanimation Package of Reforms, the experts developed the draft 12 Principles of Reform, changes that need to be implemented regardless of the transitional period between the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The 12 Principles are embodied in 12 briefs which highlight the main achievements and the next steps for reforming the country. The 12 Principles of Reform, together with the briefs, will be presented as a single document, "The Toronto Principles", at a conference on reforms in Ukraine to be held in Toronto, Canada on 2-4 July 2019.

The speakers will touch upon:

- 12 Principles of Priority Reforms in Ukraine;

- How citizens, experts and businesses can join in the development of the 12 briefs on key reforms;

- "The Toronto Principles", the visionary document which civil society representatives will present at the Toronto conference on reforms.

WHAT? Press conference "12 Steps to Toronto: what you need to do before July 2019"

WHERE? Gorshenin Institute, 18-b, Mala Zhytomyrska St, Kyiv

WHEN? 09:30-10:30, 25 April


Roman Vashchuk, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Ukraine;

Tetyana Pechonchyk, Chairperson of the Zmin Human Rights Centre;

Taras Shevchenko, Co-Chairman of the Council of Reanimation Package of Reforms, Director of the Centre for Democracy and the Rule of Law;

Anton Yashchenko, Executive Director of the Reform Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Moderator: Vasyl Babych, head of the international section at Reanimation Package of Reforms.

For accreditation, call 0990756820 or email [email protected] (Dmytro Kryvosheyev, PR manager at Reanimation Package of Reforms).

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