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Governors tender resignations over Zelenskyy's victory

The Lviv governor is the first to reason.

Governors tender resignations over Zelenskyy's victory
Photo: Markiyan Lyseyko

The heads of regional state administrations have started tendering their resignations in connection with Volodymyr Zelenskyy's election as president.

The first to resign is Lviv regional governor Oleh Synyutka.

"I am stepping down as chairman of the the Lviv regional state administration but I remain with Lviv Region, I remain with Lviv," he said at an office meeting on 22 April.

He asked the law department to prepare the papers.

The chairman of the Lviv regional council, Oleksandr Hanushchyn, thanked Synyutka for his work.

Under the constitution, all heads of regional state administration must resign immediately after the election regardless of who wins it.

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