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Kyiv to host "dignity procession" on Independence Day

Teachers, doctors and athletes will walk along Khreshchatyk together with servicemen and veterans.

Kyiv to host "dignity procession" on Independence Day
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The presidential office has selected a format that will replace a traditional military parade on Independence Day in Kyiv on 24 August, its head Andriy Bohdan has said at a briefing.

"Instead of the traditional Soviet-style parade with an expensive demonstration of military equipment in Kyiv's central street, a Procession of Dignity will take place. This European-style event is designed to begin a new tradition of honouring people Ukraine is proud of," Bohdan said.

Representatives of different branches of the army are planned to walk along Khreshchatyk. Donbas war veterans will be able to join their brigades. Medics, teachers, athletes, diplomats and volunteers will also take part.

"President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the leadership of the state will take part in the procession," Bohdan said.

"There will also be a grand concert in central Kyiv. One of the most famous Ukrainian directors is organising this event," he said.

The Independence Day parade in 2018 featured 4,000 servicemen and about 250 items of military hardware, including 17 tanks, 40 infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and armoured vehicles, more than 50 artillery systems, about three dozen anti-aircraft missile systems, including the high-precision missile Vilkha. In addition, 29 helicopters and aircraft flew over Kyiv.

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