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Scoop of the weekend: Baptism Day

Scoop of the weekend: Baptism Day

Baptism Day

Ukraine marked Day of Christianization of Kyivan Rus this weekend.

On this occasion, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on church leaders to engage in dialogue "for the faith to unite Ukrainians rather than set them apart".

The Moscow-run Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (UOC) organised two separate events, each attended by thousands of believers.

Over 500 parishes have left the Moscow-run Ukrainian Orthodox Church and joined the recently established Orthodox Church of Ukraine (UOC), Kyiv Metropolitan and OUC leader Epifaniy has told Radio Liberty.


The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has protested against yet another unauthorized visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to occupied Crimea on 28 July. "The cynical purpose of this visit to is to attend a parade of the Russian occupying fleet," it said.

According to the Ukrainian Military Portal, Russia has closed five areas in the Black Sea for navigation as of 24 July on the pretext of a naval drill. In reality, it has blocked regular navigation routes to and from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Ukraine. It is unclear when the reservations will be lifted.


The scandalous district administrative court in Kyiv has suspended the implementation of army catering reform, which outraged the Defence Ministry. The ministry accused the court of undermining the reform and motivation of Ukrainian servicemen, as well as of making the catering system susceptible to corruption.


There was a titanium leak at the titanium-magnesium mill in Zaporizhzhya on the morning of 28 July. Rescuers had to create a water curtain to contain the steam. According to the Emergencies Service, the chemical evaporation did not leave the workshop and there is no threat to the local population.

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