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Turkey supplies Ukraine with 2,000 submachine guns

Two thousand more will be supplied shortly.

Turkey supplies Ukraine with 2,000 submachine guns
Photo: Anadolu

Ukraine has received 2,000 Turkish-made submachine guns MP-5. The same amount will be supplied in a short while, the Turkish news agency Anadol has quoted the manager of the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Ali Gümüş.

"We supply MP-5 to local customers and also send them abroad. We have sent 2,000 to Ukraine," he said.

According to Gümüş, the company has manufactured 45,000 of firearms over 7.5 months, including 33,000 MPT-55 rifles, 4,500 MPT-76 rifles and 7,500 MP-5 submachine guns.

It also plans to export MPT-55 and MPT-75 rifles and organize the serial production of JMK BORA-12 sniper guns.

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