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Serviceman from Volyn killed in Donbas

He was shot by a sniper.

Serviceman from Volyn killed in Donbas
Photo: Facebook/Yaryna Chornohuz

Serviceman Mykola Sorochuk from Volyn was killed in action in donbas today, volunteer medic Yaryna Chornohuz has said on Facebook.

"The guy I loved died today. He wrote to me last night to say that he was sorry that he couldn’t see me and hear me yesterday. And this morning he’s gone. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that I’ll never hear this voice again. Let the word 'peace' get stuck in your throat and 'it’s not the same war' as well. I want the sniper who did it to die. And he will get it," the woman said.

The head of the Lutsk regional state administration, Taras Yakovlev, confirmed the news to the local new website Volynski Novyny.

An evening report by the Joint Forces Operation press centre says that one soldier got killed as a result of enemy shelling. The circumstances of his death are not indicated.

Since the beginning of the day, there have been four attacks near Pavlopil, Talakivka, Mayorsk and Shumy.

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