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The occupiers are preparing staging rallies in Kherson for a "picture" in the Russian media, - SSU

About 60-80 Crimea inhabitants have already settled in the “Fregate” Hotel.

The occupiers are preparing staging rallies in Kherson for a "picture" in the Russian media, - SSU

The Russian occupiers are looking for new ways to misinform Ukrainians and justify their aggressive actions, at least in front of their own people. To do this, they are bringing people from Crimea to Kherson, who must go to a rally.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, about 60-80 Crimean peolpe have already settled in the hotel "Fregate". "Probably, during the day they will go on a provocative action in the central square under the guise of local residents - with Russian flags and "gratitude" to the Russian "liberator "," the Ukrainian Security Service said. There is also information that the occupiers seized a warehouse with water police clothes. Therefore, disguised Russian servicemen may come to the rally, who will also "thank" the invaders in the form of Ukrainian police. "The occupiers plan to organize such productions for their media. But only Russians, who still believe that their army is carrying out a "special operation in Donbas", can believe such a picture," the SSU said. The Security Service of Ukraine warns that such rallies have nothing to do with the real mood of Ukrainian citizens in Kherson and other settlements. Such actions are as much a part of the information war as fakes and misinformation.

We remind, that in Kherson, fights lasted two days. Because of this, the city was on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine urged Kherson residents not to allow themselves to be deceived and not to come close to the "mass" organized by the occupier.

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