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Finland sends energy equipment to Finland

The batch includes transformers, circuit breakers and relays.

Finland sends energy equipment to Finland
Photo: Finnish Interior Ministry

Finland has sent a batch of equipment that can help Ukraine restore its energy grids after Russian missile attacks, the Finnish Interior Ministry has said.

"Help from the energy sector is really needed because the Russian attacks have hit Ukraine's energy infrastructure hard. Finnish companies have also responded comprehensively to the request to help Ukraine," Economy Minister Mika Lintilä said.

The assistance is provided through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The batch includes components of the electrical network, such as current transformers, circuit breakers and relays.

"The situation in Ukraine is very serious for the civilian population and the need for aid in the country is increasing. As winter approaches, millions are without electricity, heating and water. Finland continues to provide aid in accordance with Ukraine's requests. I hope that the desire to help Finns remains high," Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen said.

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