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Europe urgently boosts assistance to Ukraine - EU summit resolution

The EU will also assist in the restoration of critical infrastructure.

Europe urgently boosts assistance to Ukraine - EU summit resolution
Photo: EUCouncil twitter

The European Union will urgently intensify the provision of humanitarian and emergency assistance to Ukraine, as well as assist in the restoration of critical infrastructure, according to the conclusions of the European Council following the EU summit on 15 December.

“In this regard, the European Council invites the European Investment Bank, in close cooperation with the Commission and International Financial Institutions, to step up its support for Ukraine’s most urgent infrastructure needs,” the resolution further states.

The European Council also invites the Commission to intensify coordination with European industry and international partners to provide a sustainable supply to Ukraine of mobile heating stations, power generators, power transformers, and high-voltage and lighting equipment.

The European Union will also maintain its support for displaced persons, both within and outside Ukraine. The European Council invites the Member States to intensify contingency planning, with the support of the Commission.

The European Council encourages further efforts to ensure full accountability for war crimes and the other most serious crimes in connection with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. It also took stock of the options to use frozen assets to support Ukraine’s reconstruction.

“The European Union remains committed to providing political and military support to Ukraine, notably through the European Peace Facility and the EU Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine, and by stepping up the bilateral provision of support, in particular air defence capacities and demining assistance,” the document states.

The resolution states that Russia’s ongoing campaign of systematic missile strikes against Ukrainian civilians, civilian targets, energy infrastructure and other utilities is a crime for which there can be no impunity.

EU leaders urged all international partners to make similar calls.

The European Council also called on Russia to immediately cease actions endangering the safety and security of civilian nuclear facilities.

It is known that the Ministerial Committee of the European Council has already adopted a record action plan for Ukraine for 2023-2026 worth 50 million euros.

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