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Russian drone attack destroys 13,000 tonnes of grain in Izmayil port – Kubrakov

The cargo was intended for Egypt and Romania.

Russian drone attack destroys 13,000 tonnes of grain in Izmayil port – Kubrakov
Photo: Facebook/Oleksandr Kubrakov

Russia has destroyed 13,000 tonnes of grain as a result of the Shahed drone attack on the port of Izmayil, according to Oleksandr Kubrakov, Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development.

"Another Russian attack on the Danube ports. Some 13,000 tonnes of grain were destroyed by Russia as a result of the Shahed attack on the port of Izmayil. Several private grain terminals, warehouses and cargo infrastructure were damaged. The agricultural products were destined for Egypt and Romania," Kubrakov said.

He noted that Russia is systematically hitting grain facilities and warehouses to stop agricultural exports. Last night alone, the export capacity of the port of Izmayil was reduced by 15%, before that it was the port of Reni where 35,000 tonnes of grain were destroyed.

This is the 8th attack on port infrastructure since Russia withdrew from the Grain Initiative. In total, 270,000 tonnes of grain have been destroyed in a month of attacks on ports.

"The world needs to understand that attacks on grain infrastructure are attacks on countries in Africa and Asia that are already running out of food. These are attacks on global food markets, which have already reacted by raising the price of wheat due to the shortage of Ukrainian food after the suspension of the Grain Initiative and attacks on the Danube ports," the minister noted.

He stressed that preventing more destruction is a task not only for Ukraine but also for the world. "Powerful defence systems for our ports are what can disrupt their plans. Ukraine is fighting and the world must fight with us," he said.

Last night, the Russians attacked the south of Odesa region with Shaheds, damaging grain storage facilities. There were no casualties.

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