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Business suggests creation of civil cyberdefence

The Petya cyberattack revealed acute shortage of cyberspecialists

An IT-businessman, CSB of the company Octava Capital, Oleksandr Kardakov, calls for the creation of a civil cyber defense in Ukraine.

"In Ukraine there should be several business CERTs, specialised information exchange points, which will cooperate with government agencies in order to work out everything from methodology and threat assessment to "fire alarm" instructions," Kardakov told a round table in Gorshenin Institute on 20 July.

"Even large organizations with thousands of damaged computers could not hire IT professionals to restore ordinary computers. I am saying nothing of organizations that do not have relevant IT structures," he said.

"I have an idea that I would like to discuss and seek supporters. It is about the creation of a virtual civil cyber defence network in the country, because no one will help us if we do not help ourselves," Kardakov stressed.

The June 27 cyberattack compromised up to 10 percent of private, government and corporate computers.

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