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Police seize Kokhanivsky support group, reporters in Kyiv court

Riot police stormed the courtroom through the window.

The police detained a group of supporters of the leader of the OUN, a radical nationalist organisation, Mykola Kokhanivsky who barricaded themselves in the courtroom on Kyiv's Svyatoshynsky district court on Tuesday, 24 October.

Around At 10 am, a riot police unit rushed into the courtroom through the window, dismantled the barricades and began arrests.

According to preliminary data, 30 people including some members of the press were detained and taken to a police station.

An correspondent says no one is allowed into the courtroom.

On October 22, Kokhanivsky was detained after a brawl in the street in the course of which he used a pellet gun.

His supporters barricaded themselves in the premises of Svyatoshynsky district court to prevent Kokhanivsky from being taken to a detention center after the court ruled on Monday evening to postpone hearings.

After midnight, police tried to storm the hall, but the attack was repulsed. The support group was barricaded with improvised means in the courtroom.

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