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Controversial "businessman" gunned down in Kharkiv

The victim is Eduard Akselrod who may have been linked to the Russian ex-MP's murder.

Controversial "businessman" gunned down in Kharkiv
Photo: Archive

Unidentified assailants opened fire on an Audi car in Kharkiv, killing the driver late on 4 November, local police spokesperson Olena Barannyk told 112 Ukrayina TV.

Local media said the incident took place at 191a, Klochkovska Street. Kharkov LIVE, a Facebook community, said that the killer, who stood between the parked cars, fired two bursts from an automatic rifle at the car entering the inner yard.

Radical Party MP Ihor Mosiychuk identified the killed driver as Eduard Akselrod.

"The man shot dead in Kharkiv yesterday is Eduard Leonidovich Akselrod, born in Barnaul on 10 February 1972. The killer's work is reminiscent of Amina Okuyeva's murder… The country is firmly on its way back to the dark 1990s," he said on Facebook.

The MP also said that the victim was known to the underworld as Edik Lyopa, a "businessman".

Commenting on Mosiychuk's post, Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko mentioned a connection to the assassination of former Russian MP Denis Voronenkov.

"It turns out that communication between the customer for Voronenkov's murder, Russian crime boss Vladimir Tyurin, and the organizer and head of the criminal task group, Yuriy Vasylenko, was coordinated by Akselrod, bettern known as Edik Lyopa. It seems that by doing away with Edik Lyopa the customer is tying up the loose ends," Mosiychuk said.

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