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Ukraine slams sanctions on 18 Russian companies

Restrictions will come in effect since 9 December.

Ukraine slams sanctions on 18 Russian companies
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The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine imposed sanctions against 18 Russian companies, Interfax-Ukraine reported Wednesday, 8 November.

Restrictions that will come in effect on 9 December provide for temporary suspension of foreign economic activity on the territory of Ukraine for carrying out actions that harm the interests of national economic security.

Sanctions will cover Poly-Pak Export, Snack Group, Belgorod Meat Combine, Trade House Donspetsstroy, Yuzhtrans, Mikas, Stroyservis, Volma-Marketing, Volma-STS, Penetron-Russia Trading House, Penetron Group Russia, Penetron-Export, Penetron Waterproofing Materials Plant, Aromadon Trade House, Starfud-Yug Trading House, MK-Metiz, National Plastic and Miroshnikova private company.

Last month, the ex-head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Aleksey Kudrin admitted that foreign direct investment in the Russian economy shrank sevenfold in recent years, including the period since the introduction of international sanctions.

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