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Kherson activists light smoke bombs outside prosecutor's office

Like in Kyiv, people demand action on high-profile cases.

Activists have protested outside the main police department and the prosecutor's office in Kherson, demanding they take action in respect of the recent attacks on journalists and activists.

Journalists, Donbas war veterans and other activists wanted to talk to the police chief but he appeared to be on vacation, said Taras Buzak, who took part in the event.

"The talk was about the sabotage of the investigation into the attack on (journalist) Serhiy Nykytenko, about the situation with a bold attack on Kateryna Handzyuk," he said.

Nykytenko published a video showing event participants trying to enter the prosecutor's office.

"A hundred activists came to the regional prosecutor's office. They were not allowed to enter. It was said they would not call the prosecutor. After a light smoke, the prosecutor managed to appear. He received people. He insists that the investigation is underway," the journalist said.

Kateryna Handzyuk, a well-known Kherson blogger, activist and adviser to the mayor, had acid splashed in her face on 31 July. She was taken to an emergency ward with serious chemical burns. Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko said that he would personally oversee the case.

Earlier in the day, a rally outside the interior Ministry in Kyiv demanded law enforcers tackle this and other high-profile crimes.

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