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Kyiv in for smog, emergencies service says

Nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde accumulate along big road junctions.

Kyiv in for smog, emergencies service says
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The weather in Kyiv on 30-31 July and during the early days of August is conducive to the accumulation of hazardous impurities in the air, hence a likely appearance of smog, the State Emergencies Service has said.According to the Borys Sreznevskyy laboratory, the level of pollution with nitrogen dioxide has reached five to six times the average concentration limit in Besarabska and Demiyivska squares, Obolonskyy Avenue, Dovzhenko Street and Peremohy Avenue.

The level of pollution with formaldehyde is 5-7.5 times above the average limit in the same areas in addition to Lesya Ukrayinka Boulevard, Popudrenko and Kaunaska streets.

An anti-cyclone with high daily temperatures and night deterrent air layers – will stay at least until 3 August.

When the temperature of air exceeds 28 degrees Celsius, heavy lorries are barred from the city.

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