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Serviceman of 58th brigade taken captive in Donbas

Militants published a video showing him.

Militants of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) have said that they have captured a Ukrainian serviceman when he was allegedly going towards their positions. They said they let him closer, tired and captured him.

In separatist public communities in social networks, he was identified as Stanislav Panchenko, a serviceman of the 58th brigade.

The press service of the so-called DPR Army published a video showing the captured serviceman.

The press service of the 58th brigade confirmed Panchenko is their serviceman.

"We would like to highlight the fact that what he said on the video is likely to be a result of psychological or even physical pressure applied to the serviceman. The confirmation of this is the fact that the video address was published only on the third day of the serviceman's disappearance. In fact, it is enough to hold 'explanatory' work. It is known that all information materials of pro-Russian mercenaries are nothing else but an element of the hybrid war," the brigade's statement reads.

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