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Ukrainian media mogul returns to Kyiv

He first arrived in Dnipro and then flew to Kyiv.

Ukrainian media mogul returns to Kyiv
Photo: Max Levin

Businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyy has come to Kyiv. He landed at Boryspil airport at 8 p.m. He used the same plane with registration No UR-PRT owned by the so-called Privat group which took him from Tel Aviv to Dnipro last night, according to Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe. said that Kolomoyskyy was accompanied by businessman Tymur Mindych and Revival MP Andriy Shypko.

Kolomoysky has lived in Israel since September 2018. He told that he would return to Ukraine after showman Volodymyr Zelenskyy is officially declared the winner of the presidential election.

Today parliament scheduled the presidential inauguration for 20 May.

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