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Video: roundtable on early programming in school

The event is organized by Gorshenin Institute. is broadcasting a roundtable discussion on "Early coding in school as a guarantee of kids' competitiveness in the future".

The event is organised by Gorshenin Institute.

Points for discussion:

1. Why is it increasingly more important to introduce early coding in school in the modern world?

2. Leading states' strategies to promote digital literacy and ICT. Does Ukraine need such a strategy?

3. Ukrainian and global IT and programming job markets: the current status and short-term forecast.

4. Key objectives and features of early coding introduction in Ukraine.

5. What are the specifics of studying coding at an early age and its inclusion in the school curriculum as a compulsory subject?

6. Child psychology and early programming: specifics, opportunities and risks.

7. Are Ukrainian schools and teachers ready to introduce programming into the school curriculum?

Participants in the roundtable:

· Yuriy CHUBATYUK, president of the EVEREST group of companies

· Ivanna KOBERNIK, adviser to the Minister of Education of Ukraine

· Oleksandra BOBRUYKO, teacher of the highest category, school counselor at the private 1st grade general secondary school "Academy of Modern Education"

· Kateryna GOLTSBERG , child and family psychologist, analytical psychologist, president of the Professional Association of Child Analytical Psychologists

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Any media coverage of the event must mention Gorshenin Institute as its organizer.

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