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Interior minister says not to resign

The boy's murder does not attest to failed police reform, in his opinion.

Interior minister says not to resign
Arsen Avakov
Photo: Max Levin

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is not going to resign after policemen killed five-year-boy Kyrylo Tlyavov in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy, Kyiv Region.

"The minister always bears political responsibility… This parliament may dismiss me and the next one too," he told journalists, according to Ukrainian News.

The minister let them know that he will not resign voluntarily.

"Any other questions? I will not write a resignation letter," he said.

He does not think that National Police chief Serhiy Knyazyev should resign either. In his opinion, the incident does not mean police reform has failed.

"Such things happen, unfortunately. There is nothing to bring back the boy," he said.

He described police efforts to detain the suspects as prompt and professional.

Five-year old Kyrylo died in a Kiev hospital from a gunshot wound to the head on 3 June.

The boy was in a grave condition after he was wounded outside his house on 1 June. The two policemen suspected of the crime were detained and arrested for 60 days.

The boy covered in blood was found by his family and rushed to hospital. He underwent a surgery and was transported to Kyiv. Doctors have been fighting for his life for two days but could not extract a bullet from his head.

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